The curriculum we offer is designed to meet a wide range of abilities and intelligences for all age groups. Our teachers prepare a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to advance the progress of every child as well as areas of development relative to their learning level. Our learners are provided with an integrated and challenging program that meets their changing developmental needs from year to year. We provide interesting choices of activity each day, with several opportunities for conversation and interaction, discussion, storytelling and listening, singing and music, reading and writing, among others.

Subject areas such as Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music and Movement are unified by a theme. Themes are topics based from the child's contextual experiences, making their learning experiences meaningful and relevant. From the themes, books are also used as a springboard for discussion of concepts, skills, attitudes and values. Computer programs and film showings are used to supplement concepts in all subject areas.

Our curriculum content is based on the DepEd guidelines. This includes reading and math readiness, beginning reading, mathematical concepts, beginning science, language development, music and movement, games and play, storytelling and dramatization. Moreover, it includes exposure to select works by great Masters such as Mozart and Van Gogh.

Mindbuilders integrates Brain Gym in its program. Brain Gym is a registered trademark given to the sensorimotor program of Educational Kinesiology. It is a series of 26 quick, fun and easy movements that prepare the brain and the entire nervous system for optimal performance in all areas.

Mandarin is also offered in Mindbuilders as an optional subject.

Kindermusik, a developmentally appropriate music and movement program for preschool children, is also offered as an optional program.

Nationalism is nurtured by instruction on the Filipino culture and the singing of the National Anthem. Lifelong values and attitudes are instilled and integrated in the everyday experiences of our students in school. Reciting memory verses and singing songs enhance this.


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