Quality Assurance

Our parents can be assured of a close and maximum supervision of their child's development aided in part by our low teacher-student ratio of 1 is to 6.

In addition to teaching our learners safety measures, our staff make child-proofing a priority. They are also responsible for the upkeep of the school, doing their part in preventing sicknesses or the spreading of it, and making sure that our learners are exposed to a clean environment everyday.

For security purposes, a Fetcher's ID system is implemented to make sure that the children are released only to authorized persons during dismissal time.

We at Mindbuilders also understand parents' concern about their children's well-being and development, thus we provide parents with valuable information on how their child is doing in school on a regular basis through updates and narratives. We also encourage parent involvement through:

  • quarterly parent-teacher conferences

  • volunteering in various activities, programs, etc.

  • contacting the school Director regarding an immediate concern in regard to their child.

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