Who We Are

Mindbuilders Preschool is lovingly operated and run by a staff of "mind builders," or teachers, committed to molding the young mind builders, or "learners". We are a family of educators who are dedicated to building minds, enhancing your child's dominant intelligences and talents, and bringing out the other intelligences still undiscovered.

We are also advocates of
MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES, pioneered by leading developmental psychologist and Harvard Professor Howard Gardner, which proposes that there in not one thing called intelligence, but rather several different types of intelligence that work together (or, sometimes, play together) since each person's overall intellectual development and structure is unique. Using this theory, we have designed our approach to teaching and our curriculum to "build" these intelligences innate in your children.

"I want people at the end of their education to understand the world in ways that they couldn't have understood it before their education. In speaking of the world I mean the physical world, the biological world, the social world — their own world, their personal world as well as the broader social and cultural terrain. I believe that these are questions that every human being is interested in from a very young age. They're questions which kids ask all the time: who am I, where do I come from, what's this made out of, what's going to happen to me, why do people fight, why do they hate? Is there a higher power? Questions like that — they don't usually ask them in their words, they ask them in their play, in their stories, the myths they like to listen to and so on."

Howard Gardner talks with John Brockman ("Truth, Beauty and Goodness: Education for All Human Beings, An Interview with Howard Gardner)

The Team

The education and care we provide directly relates to the high quality of our staff and management. That's why we select the best and provide great benefits and continuous training to our employees.


Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in progressive methods of early childhood education. They have a genuine appreciation of a child's individuality and thus effectively provide diverse opportunities for growth.

They are committed to develop all domains and intelligences of each child. Aside from their inherent creativity and love for children, our teachers continually improve themselves through extensive trainings and workshops that keep them abreast on the latest trends and developments in preschool education. 

They maintain an attitude of being lifelong learners themselves and are truly worth calling "
mind builders".

Top Left to Right: Teacher Macky, Teacher Kissy, Teacher Carla, Teacher Issa, Teacher Gina, Teacher Pia
Middle Left to Right:
Teacher Reese, Teacher Marah, Ate Maricel, Ate Mayette
Bottom Left to Right:
Ate Roseil, Ate Alma, Ate Morena, Kuya Anton

The Administrators

Marah Vasquez-Estuesta

Jo-Anne Lao

Josephine Teo Ong


The Faculty and Staff

Teacher Reese Therese Gloria
Teacher: Bach Babies & Daycare
Teacher Macky Macarena Zubiri
Teacher: Beethoven Tots 1 & 2
Teacher Carla Carla Louise Garganera
Teacher: Mozart Juniors 1 & 3
Teacher Issa Maria Isabel Villaescusa
Teacher: Mozart Juniors 2 & Vivaldi Virtuosi 2
Teacher Gina Ma. Regina Rivera
Teacher: Vivaldi Virtuosi 1                           
Special Events & Projects Coordinator
Teacher Kissy Christiane Tiongco
Teacher: Chopin Seniors
Teacher Pia Pia Masakayan
Teacher: Kindermusik
Administrative Assistant
Teacher Marah Maria Ranseca Estuesta
Teacher: Kindermusik
Mr. Denny Fang Teacher: Chinese Tutorials
Ate Mayette Marilyn Del Rosario
Teacher's Aide
Ate Mors Morena Lingcopines
Teacher's Aide
Ate Maricel Maricel Cardenas
Teacher's Aide
Ate Alma Melissa Gonzales
Teacher's Aide
Ate Roseil Roseil Pueblas
Teacher's Aide
Kuya Anton Anthony Castillo
Kuya Rey Reyngo de Vera


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